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There have been a number of vehicle thefts in the Gower area recently. Gower Neighbourhood Policing Team want to stress the importance of locking your vehicle and keeping your key with you at all times. PCSO Suzie Broad who covers the area commented “Criminals are targeting surfers in particular. It appears that whoever is responsible for these thefts is watching the victim leave their keys above a wheel arch or a bag on the beach and are then quickly taking the keys, accessing the vehicle and driving away within minutes. Insurance companies aren’t willing to pay out on some occasions if the key has been left above the wheel arch or near to the vehicle”

PCSO Broad was also keen to encourage the use of waterproof key pouches “These are relatively cheap to purchase online and can help stop vehicles being taken.” Whilst there have been an increase in vehicle thefts officers are keen to stress the importance of keeping valuables on you and making sure that if they are left inside the vehicle they are out of sight. PCSO Andy Brown who covers Gower stated “Thieves are targeting changing rooms in sports facilities and clubs especially on weekends during match times. They are gaining access, searching bags and clothes for keys and then proceeding to take them.”

PCSO Brown added “Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious via 101 or 999 in an emergency. Please utilise lockers or safes within you respective clubs.”

PC Craig Evans of Gower Neighbourhood team said “There has been a significant increase in vehicle thefts over the last month. Ford Fiestas seem to be the most popular at the moment. It appears that those who are responsible are organised and working with others to ensure a quick getaway. I encourage people to take necessary steps to prevent these thefts happening. Most new cars now have keyless start technology. Criminals are using electronic devices to scan for a signal at work places or the home and then tricking the car into believing the key is inside. This can be prevented by purchasing a ‘faraday case’ which are readily available on the internet where you simply place your keys in the case and block the signal. Other methods including the use of a steering lock and wheel clamp are also effective as a simple deterrent.”

PC Evans added “Gower NPT are committed to locating and arresting those responsible and keeping the communities we serve safe. As part of ‘Operation Cinnamon’ We will be stepping up our high visibility patrols and utilising technology including the automatic facial recognition van and drones to ensure we are best equipped to prevent further thefts.”

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Wednesday September 26th, 2018

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