Final Year Degree Results will be published on 13th July 2020 as follows:

  • 9.00am – Colleges of Engineering and Science
  • 9.15am – Schools of Law and Management
  • 9.30am – Human and Health Sciences, Medicine (excluding MBBCH) and Arts and Humanities

Student Intranet Account

You can expect to receive the following information under the ‘2019 Modules’ tab on the ‘Course Details’ screen:

  • The modules pursued and marks achieved
  • Your award decision and classification (if appropriate)
  • A full explanation of your academic decision and further information/guidance on the procedures for requesting an academic appeal/confirmation of accuracy of published marks by clicking on ‘An explanation of your decision can be found by clicking here’ tab
  • Your Safety Net degree classification under ‘Decision notes’ (if you have qualified for your degree) and any other important information to note regarding your degree outcome

If you experience difficulty in logging into your student intranet account, please contact:

Application of Safety Net Regulations

Those students who qualified for their degree award at the July Examination Board will receive supplementary Safety Net information immediately underneath their degree outcome on their intranet record under the ‘Decision Notes’. This Safety Net information will include the overall Safety Net classification, weighted mark and final year mark.

Information has previously been circulated to students on the purpose of the Safety Net classification and how this classification will be calculated. Full details on how the calculation has been arrived at for each student can be found in the link below.

In accordance with the safety net regulations detailed within the above link, in all cases where a student has qualified for their degree, if the safety net classification is higher than the student’s standard degree classification, the higher classification will be applied and will replace the standard degree classification.

Information below has been provided on the safety net information which will appear alongside your final year results on your intranet record according to your specific final year decision. In all cases, you are also required to carefully read the ‘Decision Notes’ field directly underneath your degree outcome and the full explanation of your award decision by clicking on ‘An explanation of your decision can be found by clicking here.’ It is very important that you read this information in full to ensure that you do not miss any essential information relating to your degree outcome.


What will I see if I have qualified for my degree (with no supplementary assessments)

Your Level Decision will be displayed as ‘Completed level of study’ and you will see your final classification under ‘Award/Classification’. The overall weighted mark for your degree will be displayed directly below this.

In the ‘Decision Notes’ field, your safety net degree information will be displayed.

If your Safety Net classification is a lower classification than/ the same classification as the classification which has been confirmed under ‘Award/Classification’, the Safety Net calculation has been provided for information only.

If your Safety Net classification is a higher classification than your standard degree outcome, the higher classification and overall weighted average mark has been applied and has replaced your standard degree outcome.

What will I see if I have qualified for my degree but also been offered optional supplementary assessment in TB2 Failures or uncapped supplementary assessments in deferred modules

Please read the ‘Decision Notes’ and the information provided by clicking on ‘An explanation of your decision can be found by clicking here’. You qualify for the degree classification as indicated (if the safety net is the higher classification, this will be made clear to you under ‘Decision Notes’) but have been offered supplementary assessments in the modules listed.

What if I have a decision of supplementary assessments but have not qualified for my degree

If you have not qualified for your degree but have been offered supplementary assessments in specific failed modules or deferred modules marked with ‘MC’, your safety net overall average mark and classification will not be made available on your intranet record on 13th July 2020. Please note that subject to you qualifying for your degree following the August supplementary assessments, your degree outcome and your safety net information will be made available to you on your student intranet account following the September Progression and Award Boards. If you qualify for your degree in September, the Safety Net Classification will be awarded only in those cases where this classification is higher than the standard degree classification.

If you wish to discuss your degree outcome further, please contact your School/College directly.

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Friday July 10th, 2020

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