Red Canvas logo over hands typing on a keyboardAs you know Blackboard is being switched off on the 31/07/20 and Canvas will become our new digital learning platform.

Academic content previously hosted on Blackboard is being stored in our university “Module Archive” which is now live and is directly accessible from the Canvas platform navigation menu.

Between this archive and the Canvas platform we will retain the previous 6 years’ worth of academic content. Each year the oldest academic years’ content on the “Module Archive” will be deleted and the newest will be retained on Canvas. This means that over time Canvas will host all 6 years’ worth of academic content.

Whilst the “Module Archive” is accessible to students, we advise you to take a copy of your assignments for any upcoming supplementary assessment revision/preparation, or for future reference, prior to Blackboard being switched off.

On the following links you will find a short video guide and a written guide on how to use the “Module Archive”:

Video Guide:

Written Guide:

If you have any further queries or notice that something is missing from the archive, please contact us at

Many thanks,
The Canvas Project

Thursday July 30th, 2020

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