Rainbow heartThe University has developed a new Supplemental Student Charter in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that all students are required to agree to as part of the online enrolment process. The Supplemental Student Charter is intended to respect the personal safety of students, staff and the wider community by ensuring that we all help to keep the University a safe place to study and work.

Students are expected to follow Welsh Government and Swansea University requirements around health and safety and social distancing on campus, in Halls of Residence and in the wider community. Any breach of the expectations in the Student Charter could result in disciplinary action.

Potential sanctions range from offering an apology, issuing formal written warnings or a behavioural contract, through to suspension or exclusion from the University.

Should the 24/7 Campus Security Team have to intervene due to a report of disturbance in on campus accommodation students will be dealt with according to University policies. Our Student Services’ Community Team and police are also patrolling the local area and will be reporting any anti-social behaviour to the University.

We ask you to behave with dignity and respect towards each other, University staff and members of the wider community and play a positive role in encouraging others to follow guidelines and proactively take personal measures to minimise risk to yourself and others.


Monday November 2nd, 2020

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  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe the University has taken to threats of disciplinary action to the whole student body over the actions of a handful of students. Promoting messages like these as headline topics in the student newsletter further seek to erode students’ already battered mental health given the current international crises.
    Once again, I’m disappointed but frankly not surprised that the University has chosen to protect its image over its students’ welfare.

    • Student Partnership and Engagement Manager says:

      We are aware the majority of our students are following Government guidelines and social distancing measures, however there are a minority who unfortunately are not which could have wider consequences across our community. We have a responsibility to remind all students of the guidelines and possible consequences of breaking these, as some feedback has stated students were unaware of all regulations. Student welfare, including the mental wellbeing of our students remains our top priority and we have introduced a number of services to support students in these difficult times, including a dedicated team of staff to help students in self-isolation. Throughout the outbreak and the fire-break, we have communicated with students to promote welfare services and will continue to ensure these are available. Student welfare is the focus of why we are trying to keep students and the wider community safe and limit the spread of the virus.

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