We hope that you are enjoying your programme of study.

For teaching block two (January until April) you will continue to be taught in a ‘blended’ way. This means that some of your teaching will be done online and some will be on campus.

We appreciate that not all students will be able to join us on campus in January and therefore you may, where applicable, choose to study your programme online (exceptions may include some courses in the School of Medicine and College of Human & Health Sciences).

We continue to encourage students to join us in Swansea, as soon as circumstances allow, being in Swansea is a valuable part of your student journey with us.

Please ensure you contact your College/School if your plans for intended arrival have changed to ensure you are able to continue your programme online.

Current International & EU Students who have not yet arrived

If you intend to apply for the Graduate Route (post study work visa) after your studies, you should ensure that you are mindful of the requirements for this. Currently, UKVI state that in order to be eligible to apply you must be in receipt of a Student visa, be in the UK (having arrived before April 6th 2021 and have completed your final semester in the UK). Please regularly check the Graduate Route informationas this could impact on your decisions when assessing your personal circumstances, visa application timings and travel plans.

EU students will receive a separate email regarding immigration after the 1st January 2021 and any action they may choose to take before then. Information can also be found via the EU/EEA/Swiss webpages.



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  • Albin Varghese says:

    I was told at the enrollment stage that there would be blended teaching and as such , I booked accommodation to come to Swansea in the hope that I would be able to attend some on-site laboratory sessions(I am an aerospace engineering 2nd year student) or on-site lectures. It was clearly stated during enrollment that it would be a blended teaching block this semester. Once in Swansea, my lecturers then informed me that NONE of my lectures or labs would be on-site. I selected the blended option during enrollment. Blended meaning mixture of on-site and online as you have stated several times in your emails and statements. And recently, the university also made another statement saying this would be the plan for semester 2.

    Furthermore, I do not wish to stay in Swansea if this is the case as there is no point if EVERYTHING is online. The university are blatantly cheating students through this as students who are promised on-site sessions are only having to sit in their student accommodation doing online labs and lectures.

    I’m also concerned for my health. Swansea was a hotspot of the second wave and still is to an extent. You are asking students to return to Swansea for next semester aswell which I was shocked to learn as there is quite literally no point in coming to do online lectures at Swansea when it could be done at home and also , there is no need to risk my own health coming to such a dangerously high risk area such as Swansea.

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