Swansea University Pro Vice Chancellor Martin StringerWe have been working to identify and implement the best way to support you through the 2020/21 academic year as we continue to operate in unusual times for everyone.   Working with students and staff across the University, we have developed an approach that balances student support whilst maintaining academic standards.

The following principles and policies for the Winter assessment period have been agreed across all the Colleges and Schools, in consultation with the Students’ Union. We recognise the situation continues to change, and we will review and adapt our approach with the Students’ Union as necessary.  Any further changes will be communicated to you as needed.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Design

University staff worked over the summer to make significant changes to teaching and assessment for the new blended environment.

Assessments have been adapted to ensure that they can be effectively taken either online, or through a different type of assessment than a formal written examination to ensure all students are able to achieve their best.

Information and definitions for learning, teaching and assessments.

Extenuating Circumstances

We will be continuing to offer a simplified and flexible mitigation process through which you can apply for extensions or deferral of your assessments if required (Extenuating Circumstances).

If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you struggle to meet any deadlines or are worried about your ability to perform to your best in an assessment, you may  submit an Extenuating Circumstance Request through your School or College via email and consult the College or Schools student advice pages for guidance on the process immediately.

To ensure we can understand your situation and provide the most appropriate support, you should discuss your Extenuating Circumstances with a member of staff before you submit your request.

The type of supporting evidence that you submit will depend on your circumstance. Please clearly explain the specific issues you’re having (i.e. what software you need, access issues etc.).

  • The University will accept self-certification for up to 14 days for self-isolation and up to 7 calendar days for any medical condition (including mental health/wellbeing issues) not related to Coronavirus.
  • If you have a medical condition (including mental health/wellbeing issues) that requires a longer period of recovery, please seek medical advice and provide a note or evidence from your doctor, health centre or hospital.
  • You can follow up with your supporting document at a later date as agreed with your School/College, as these can be submitted separately.
  • The College or School Special Circumstances Committee will determine an outcome, and if accepted, you may be given an extended deadline, deferral, or an exemption, as appropriate. Please note that additional evidence may be requested by the University.

Marking and Progression

All our staff are well aware of the unique situation that we are all dealing with and will ensure that the difficulties you have faced are taken into account and assessments are set and marked fairly according to the established marking criteria.

We will aim to process your results and academic decisions as close to our standard timeframes as possible.

Degree Classifications: Undergraduate Students

If you are a final year undergraduate student in 20/21, your previous year’s marks will be protected within the 19-20 ‘Safety Net’ approach.  We have recorded the marks you achieved both before the pandemic (14th March 2020) and after, and will compare these at the Progression and Awards Board in June 2021 to ensure you are awarded the best outcome,. You will also be supported by the actions outlined above.

You can find out more about how your degree will be calculated in our FAQs.

Degree Classifications: Postgraduate Taught Students

If you are a postgraduate taught master’s student, the arrangements for weighted classifications that were introduced in the summer will continue to apply in 2020/21:

Calculation for your degree will be calculated according to which type of programme you are enrolled on:

Flexible Masters

Standard Masters

Extended Masters

Keeping in Touch

Specific details relating to your own programme and modules are being communicated directly to you via email or through Canvas. Your Academic Mentors remain available to help and guide you. Do please stay in touch, we are here to support you through these unusual times.

If you require specific information about your forthcoming January assessments, please contact your College/School for advice.

For more information on support services available to you at Swansea University refer to our web pages.

The Library home page has also been updated and guides created to bring support and online contact points together. Also, online drop-in workshops on library support (referencing etc) are being arranged so do take advantage of these.

Thank you for your ongoing patience during these difficult circumstances.  We have all had to adapt very quickly as a University; however we remain committed to supporting you to achieve your best. I am incredibly proud of the way that staff and students are working effectively in such challenging circumstances.

I wish you all good luck for the year and hope you all continue to remain safe.

Professor Martin Stringer

PVC (Education)

For further information please consult your School or College using the MyUni webpage to obtain contact details.

Thursday December 10th, 2020

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