We understand our students have concerns surrounding the ongoing Covid pandemic and we would like to reassure you we are committed to supporting you to achieve your best outcome.

The University and the Students’ Union have been working together to form a No Detriment Framework which will ensure our students are treated with fairness whilst maintaining and safeguarding the value of your degree.

This framework builds on a number of changes we have already made to protect our students and will be in place to support you through the 20-21 academic session. The key principles are listed below.

  • We have modified our Extenuating Circumstances Policy to allow flexibility and for students to self-certify

We have provided FAQs to ensure you understand the changes to the Extenuating Circumstances Policy. Please note: due to the pandemic, Colleges and Schools are currently managing a high volume of Extenuating Circumstances requests from students. We aim to limit any delays and are working as quickly as possible to consider all applications.  If you have submitted a request, there is no need to resubmit and we will consider your request and contact you as soon as possible.

  • Adapting our approach to delivering teaching, learning and assessments online

Assessments have been designed to reflect the move to blended learning

  •  Supplementary Assessment for non-final year students

Full-time students who fail up to 60 credits will be automatically be entered for a supplementary assessment in all failed modules. Part-time students who fail modules will automatically be entered for supplementary assessments in all failed modules. Students eligible for toleration will have the option to undertake the supplementary assessment OR accept a Tolerated Failure.   Marks will be capped in line with standard regulations, unless supported by appropriate Extenuating Circumstances.

  • There will be Module Comparison of previous years 

The University Examination Board will review students’ performance at module level and compare performance with performance on the same module over 5 years (where data is available), to ensure there is comparability.

  •  We will review all individual marks and performance at Progression and Award Boards

The University Progression and Award Board will review and consider every student’s performance in accordance with the assessment regulations.  Provisional module adjustments will be made following the teaching block 1 assessment period. All marks are provisional until they are confirmed by the end of year Progression and Award Board. Students will be provided with confirmed marks following the relevant Progression and Award Board.

For Final Year Undergraduate Students:

  • Supplementary Assessments for Final Year students

Final year students who do not meet the minimum credit requirements for an award (that is they are not eligible for a tolerated failure) will be offered re-sits in all failed module/s. Marks will be capped in line with the relevant regulations, unless supported by appropriate Extenuating Circumstances.

Final year students who qualify for their degree with tolerated failures will be given the option of taking the degree or resitting the failed module/s.

  • Classification Comparison (2019-20 Safety Net for current Final Year students)

Final Year students in 2020-21 will have their Degree Classification protected in line with the 2019-20 Safety Net Policy. Further details are online.

Students enrolled on programmes leading to professional registration, or any other programme defined as a special case by Colleges/Schools, will be included in the No Detriment approach. However, because of the requirements of Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies there may be variations in how the framework is applied. Your College/School will notify you of how the approach will work for your specific programme.

For Postgraduate Taught Students:

The changes made to the classification system for Pass, Merit and Distinction for Postgraduate Taught students implemented in the 19/20 session has been retained. Please see our FAQs for details.

For Postgraduate Research Students:

Any impact upon your research, caused by the COVID pandemic, should be discussed with your supervisor and subsequently captured within the ad-hoc meeting function within the Research Management System (e-Vision RMS).

We hope that these new arrangements, together with what we already have in place will help our students with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

For a full list of FAQs please see our dedicated web pages.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your College or School.

Wednesday January 27th, 2021

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