Update on Return to Campus 01.02.21

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Welsh Universities and Welsh Government have reviewed the current lockdown situation and are asking students not to return to Campus until the end of term (26th March 2021). We will therefore be delaying in-person teaching for those not required to be here for their programmes until this time.

We understand many of you will be disappointed a return to campus has been delayed, however we would like to reassure you that the University is committed to doing everything we can to support you during this time and ensure you can continue to receive a high-quality education and safeguard the value of your degree.

What does this mean for students?

  • Please do not return to campus until in-person teaching resumes for your course, you are required to do so for research purposes or you have specific personal circumstances.
  • Teaching will continue to be online for this new extended period, with a limited amount of face-to-face teaching continuing for those who have already been asked to return and some new additions. Your College/School will be in touch with you shortly if you are required to return prior to 26th March.
  • If you are a Postgraduate Research Student, you should continue your research from home where possible. If it is essential to access the campus for your research, the same process remains in Colleges for accessing labs and other on campus facilities.
  • For those students who are already on campus, our advice is to remain and ensure you are following Welsh Government guidelines. We will continue to support you through this time.
  • If you are engaging in on-campus activity, please book lateral flow a test.
  • The University recently confirmed a rent reduction for students in University Halls (Bay Campus, Beck House, Singleton Campus and HSV) who have been asked to remain at home and not return to Swansea due to Covid restrictions. This reduction will be extended to meet the new timeframe.
  • Our dedicated Covid support service, MyUniSupport, is available to help with any queries you may have and we have a variety of provisions available for anyone who may be finding the current situation difficult. Please see our dedicated web pages to access services.
  • It is important to update us via email to MyUniSupport@swansea.ac.uk if you test positive for Covid, are self-isolating or are quarantining, regardless of where you are currently based.

We will continue to keep you updated with Welsh Government guidance via email, the Student Newsletter and our dedicated FAQs web pages.

As the pandemic continues, the University are having to make fast paced decisions in relation to new Government guidelines and we are updating our students as soon as possible on any changes. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please continue to stay safe and take care.

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  • S. Melrose says:

    I understand the current situation, but my son was promised some blended learning on his law course, but so far he has only had online learning. There has been no campus activity, no face to face and this is set now to continue till after Easter, This will be be two terms of his first year at university with no face to face, and this current spring term he has been asked not to return at all. please explain to me exactly how this is better than doing a course through the open university which is £3000 cheaper

  • Shiny K says:

    You have mentioned that the reduction for the accommodation will be extended to meet the new timeframe. Does that mean if I decide to travel to the accommodation to stay after the 15th of Feb , I wouldn’t be eligible for the reduction from Jan 4th to Feb 15th . Please clarify whether it would be considered as two different timeframes.

  • Mohamed Abdul Wahid says:

    It was told that we should be at campus before summer or else we won’t be eligible for the psw visa? But now it’s not expected to be on campus till March 26. Could you explain about that.

  • Umar Raja says:

    Hi, I have heard that there is another rent reduction for the new time frame that we cannot go back to campus however I have not received an email about it and was wondering where I would be able to apply for this.

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