If the answer is Yes or No We would like to know, tell us what influences you to make choices about alcohol by following the link below and filling out the short questionnaire.

You may access the questionnaire by following this link http://psy.swansea.ac.uk/questionnaires/631213/

The aim of the research is to assess potential relationships between aspects of the student lifestyle and alcohol consumption rates within the student population.

All Swansea University students aged 18+ are welcome to take part.

The questionnaire takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Psychology Students may access the questionnaire through Subject pool follow this link or search “Student Life and Alcohol Consumption” and you will be granted 1 Credit. https://psychology-swansea.sona-systems.com/exp_info.aspx?experiment_id=1396

Thank you for your participation.

Monday March 23rd, 2015

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