Rock and roll hand with red background Wales is currently third best in the world at recycling. It’s something to be proud of, but we can’t stop there!

92% of people in Wales recycle. We need the power of Swansea University students to keep Wales Mighty for our community, our country and our planet.

To make it to number 1 and become a zero-waste nation by 2050, we need to ramp up our recycling efforts from home.

That’s why Swansea University is supporting the third burst of Be Mighty. Recycle campaign. Coinciding with Global Recycling Day on 18th March and running until 24th March, we’ll be sharing recycling information, top tips and running virtual events to help you maximise your recycling at home, whether you live on or off campus.

Find out how you can maximise your recycling efforts on our Sustainability webpages and join the conversation online using the campaign hashtag #BeMightyRecycle

Thursday March 18th, 2021

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  • Sophie Harrop says:

    Hi to those this comment reaches, and
    I’m a student living in halls on Bay Campus of Swansea University. I have noticed that despite having separate recycling and general waste bins per flat, both bins are collected in the same plastic bags. Furthermore, I have seen the entire campus use the same skip bins outside each accommodation block whereby both plastic bags with general waste and recycling are dumped. This leads me to believe that none of our personal efforts by those of us who care deeply about recycling are being put to use, and if there is any recycling that actually takes place on Bay Campus at all!
    If I am completely mistaken by this observation I’d love to understand how the recycling system at the Bay Campus actually runs.

    Thanks in advance,
    Sophie Harrop

    • Student Communications Coordinator says:

      Hello Sophie and thank you for your feedback! We will make sure that this information is fed back to the appropriate team who oversee the recycling process at Bay Campus. These type of discussions can take place on our Unitu Platform where University staff, lecturers and students can all interact. If you have an account, you can log in here where you can raise an issue.

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