This is a call out for volunteers willing to participate in our Refugee Awareness Week Event on the 16th of June at 6:30pm, where we hope to host a film screening to raise awareness for the refugee and asylum seeker population, who are often marginalised. We want to offer someone from the refugee and asylum seeker community to tell their story, through whatever means they feel most comfortable, whether it be speaking at the event, or an anonymous contribution such as recording a video or a piece of writing, art or photography. We’re happy to organise an anonymised recording with you, if this suits.

We will accept and value each submission, displaying or playing it at the event. We recognise that all submissions will take time and energy and will compensate efforts with vouchers to contribute to your studies, whether it be takeaways, supermarkets, stationary or bookshops. In a more formal recognition, submitters will also receive a certificate of appreciation from Campus Life, to supplement job or visa applications. Those who don’t want to submit anything are welcome at the event, where we will be distributing meal and drink vouchers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, queries or concerns. All submissions can be sent to  


Tuesday May 25th, 2021

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