Student CPD 500 FundHow would you use £500 to further your career?

Your degree is expanding your knowledge, upskilling you, preparing you for a successful future. You’re a Swansea University Student after all. Life is good.

But we know that sometimes we can’t provide everything you need for your future career, so we’ve partnered with Santander Universities to offer 20 grants of £500 to help pay the costs of any additional courses you’re undertaking.

You might need to do a Coding Course, Management and Leadership Training, a Language Course or other professional exams. The Student CPD £500 Fund has been designed to help fund all of those and more.

All you need to do is tell us a few details about yourself, why you would like to undertake the course and how it will help you in your career – simple as that! We’ll then get together as a panel to check everything over and let you know if your application has been successful.

Click on this link to apply

The deadline for submissions is 8th November – so be sure to get your application in quickly!

Monday October 11th, 2021

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  • Sian says:

    How do I apply to cod funding £500

  • Amanda valerie howland says:

    I am currently on a Masters course and to enable me to continue my development onto a PGCE course I need to resit my English Maths and Science GCSE and the £500 would go towards funding that.

    Many thanks

    • Student Communications Coordinator says:

      Hi Amanda! Thanks for getting in touch. If you click on the application link in the article, you will have an opportunity to apply and submit your reasons for the funding and how it can help your career. They will get together as a panel to check everything over and let you know if your application has been successful. Good luck!

  • Sum Kiu Chan says:

    I am attending an english language course. I would like to undertake this course because my mother language is not english. It is quite hard for me to learn in university, especially in this covid time.

    • Student Communications Coordinator says:

      Hi Sum! Please apply by clicking the link in the article. You can make your request and they’ll let you know if you have been successful or not. Good luck!

  • Dylan Adams says:

    Hi, my name is Dylan, I am studying an aerospace engineering degree. I would like to do some CFD and solidworks courses to excel my CAD drawing (computer aided design). I would like to work in either Formula 1 or for a space agency. Becoming proficient in these software’s will enable me to stick out from the crowed and give me a chance to follow a dream career plan.

  • ZHEN says:

    Excuse me, which website can we buy courses on?

    • Student Communications Officer says:

      Hi there, there isn’t a specific website from which you can buy courses for this fund I’m afraid, as I understand it you will need to find a course that you would like to do (or you are already doing one) and apply to the fund for financial assistance towards any fees associated with that course. If you need any further help please contact who might be able to provide additional information. Good luck!

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