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Monday November 22nd, 2021

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  • Marek Bozon says:

    I would appreciate if there were more examples in both Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity companions. Otherwise well done!

    • Student Communications Coordinator says:

      Thanks for your comment Marek Please make sure you complete the survey so we can log your comments. All you need to do is Log into Canvas and go to ‘My Surveys’ on your dashboard. Your feedback is very valuable. Thank you.

  • Sulaimon Maito Ajibowu-Yekini says:

    The university has been wonderful to me and is sure to others(wide range of numbers) if not per se, even when am sure its target is to solve any arising problem(s) and to help us all. I noticed almost all undergraduate online courses are recorded, but aside from seminars. I will appreciate it if seminars can be recorded too, even if it comes out in audiotape, a lot of students will be grateful or happy about it. The University has been great to me with a lot of information and training both academics and outside teaching values. #Greatswanseauniversity

    • Student Communications Officer says:

      Hi there, thank you so much for your comment, your feedback is very important to us! If you haven’t already done so, please do make sure you complete your module feedback via MySurveys on Canvas. That way your comments can be formally recorded and directed through the appropriate channels in order for the University to make changes. Many thanks

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