Students and lecturer in a lecture theatreWe are committed to improving the student experience here at Swansea University, and we believe that monitoring your engagement can help us ensure your welfare and support you to progress and reach your academic goals.

All students are expected to travel to Swansea to engage with face-to-face learning or research. Distance learning will only be permitted for Student Route (previously Tier 4) students outside the UK who experience travel delays, and where their programme of study permits it; these students must arrive in Swansea as soon as possible.

Students who are unable to travel to Swansea should consider deferring or suspending studies if their programme of study requires in-person engagement. Students are expected to live within a commutable distance (a maximum of 50 miles away) from Swansea that enables them to attend the University during core working hours if their timetable requires.

In line with UKVI concessionary guidance, Student Route students who are in the UK are not permitted to study entirely remotely and must engage with face-to-face learning sessions or supervisory sessions on campus. Student Compliance Services will undertake monthly checks of engagement data to ensure that Student Route students are compliant with this guidance.

If you are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

Clinically extremely vulnerable students, who may be unable to engage in their studies on campus, should contact to speak to a team member who will support them with any concerns.

Engagement Monitoring for Taught Students

Engagement correlates with performance. This means that the more you engage with your studies, the better you will do.

We use a range of data sources to monitor your engagement including:

  • Card swipes at face-to-face learning sessions – you will need to tap your student card against the readers located in each teaching room when entering to confirm your attendance at the session.
  • Engagement with online learning sessions and study groups.
  • Activity in Canvas to determine resources viewed.
  • Access to library e-resources.

Our handy MyEngagement Web App allows you to view your overall engagement data to help you to stay on track.

If you want to know more about the engagement monitoring process and what this means for you, then head over to the MyUni Engagement Monitoring Pages.

Please note that returning students who reached stage 2 of the engagement monitoring process (14 days no engagement) at the end of semester 1, and subsequently do not engage for another 7 days at the start of semester 2, will be required to attend a meeting with their Faculty/School or Student Compliance Services to discuss their non engagement.

The data from the various modes of engagement gives us an early warning of students who may need support. If you aren’t engaging or are engaging poorly, your Faculty/School will be in touch to offer help.

Our policy on engagement monitoring for taught students can be found here.

Engagement Monitoring for Research Students

We understand that Supervisory meetings are a key element to your success as a Research Student and a centralised electronic system (RMS/eVision) has been developed for monitoring student engagement for these reasons.

As a Research Student, you are required to meet with your Supervisory team at least once a month.

Engagement correlates with performance which means the more you engage with your research, the better you will do.

We also believe that monitoring engagement can help us ensure your welfare and support your progress to achieve your academic goals.

If you aren’t engaging with your research, your Faculty/School will be in touch to offer you support.

For more information about engagement monitoring process and what this means for Research Students, visit the MyUni Engagement Monitoring Pages. You can also read the policy here.

If you have any queries regarding engagement monitoring or you are experiencing any difficulties that are preventing you from engaging with your studies, please contact your Faculty/School.

Monday January 31st, 2022

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