For the August supplementary assessment period there will be a blend of both online and in-person assessment taking place which has been determined by your School. If you are due to take part in supplementary assessment your School will have contacted you with information on timetables.

Please note, all in-person assessment will be taking place in Bay Campus venues. For more information on our venues and FAQs on assessment please see our webpages.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you are unable to take an assessment (deferred or supplementary) during the August supplementary period, you will not be able to defer the assessment.   Please note however that it is still beneficial for you to inform your School/Faculty as a matter of urgency of your extenuating circumstances prior to or within 5 working days of each affected assessment or within the prescribed School/Faculty deadline as this information can be submitted to the September Exam Board. Your School/Faculty will provide you with a declaration form to complete and return to them by the stipulated deadline.

You will not receive an immediate outcome on submitting a declaration form, a decision on your progression/award will be taken by the September Exam Board following consideration of your extenuating circumstances and in line with your overall academic performance.

For the full Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet please see:

In particular, please note:

  • If you are going to declare extenuating circumstances against more than one examination/assessment, you must complete and return to your School/Faculty the declaration form within five working days or within the prescribed School/Faculty deadline of each affected alternative examination/assessment and not within five working days of the last affected alternative examination/assessment. You may therefore have to complete more than one form if you have affected alternative examinations/assessments, which are more than five working days apart.
  • Do not wait until you have supporting evidence before advising your School/Faculty of your extenuating circumstances. The declaration form must be submitted prior to the alternative examination or within five working days of the alternative examination/within the prescribed School/Faculty deadline.


If you should become symptomatic or test positive for Covid 19 during the assessment period follow the steps below.

  • If you test positive or suspect you may have Covid 19, please make sure to inform MyUniSupport via Testing and isolation rules are different across the United Kingdom so please follow the guidance for your local area.
  • If you test positive, you should also contact your School/Faculty Student Information teams if your participation in the assessment will be affected. You will be expected to provide evidence of a positive Covid test if applying for Extenuating Circumstances. Please see the important information on extenuating circumstances above.

If you test positive for Covid 19, we request that you do not attend campus, even if you have an in-person assessment.

For those students needing to travel to Bay Campus

Travel by bus:

You can plan your journey by downloading the First app for all First bus services and the Adventure Travel App for all Adventure Travel services.

  • From HSV and Singleton Campus you can catch the number 8 or number 4 service to the Bus Station and catch the X1,X5,X7 or 38 services from the bus station bays C to G
  • From the City Centre Bus Station catch the X1,X5,X7 or 38 services from bus bays C to G

(both offer student tickets)

For those who want to cycle:

Swansea University students and staff get a free annual membership, which means the first 30 minutes of every ride is free, with each 30 minutes thereafter just 50p. Visit our webpage for full instructions.

We wish you all the best in your assessments.

Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

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