Welsh affairs officers Shwmae! Hello! My name is Tom and I’m your Students’ Union Welsh Affairs Officer for this academic year. Welcome to Swansea University!

As a Welsh institution, we are proud of our language, culture and heritage and it’s my responsibility to ensure that these are at the forefront of both the University and the Union.

I hope by now you would’ve noticed that we are proud to be a bilingual University, communicating in two languages. These languages are the official languages of Wales, Welsh, which was given official status in 2010 and English.

The Union also holds numerous Welsh events throughout the year, such as our Welsh Welcome and Croeso Cymraeg freshers’ events. These events are the perfect way to learn more about the Welsh language, culture and heritage so keep your eyes peeled for more.

And, if you’re keen to learn Welsh, now is the perfect time! If you’re aged between 18-25, these lessons are completely free for you and they offer a discount for fulltime students. To find out more information on this visit Learn Welsh Swansea Bay Region | Learn Welsh, or send me an email!

Hwyl am y tro,


Tuesday October 4th, 2022

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