On the 9th of February the Microsoft Authenticator application will change.

A new feature called ‘Number Matching’ is being introduced by Microsoft. This means that instead of seeing the Approve or Deny option on your mobile device you will be asked to match the number that appears on your screen to approve the request. You will still be able to deny the request if it appears when you have not tried to login. The screenshot below shows what you will see on your screen and on your mobile device.

Screenshot of Microsoft Authenticator App

In addition, the ‘Show App’ function will now show you the name of the application that is requesting your authorisation. This will help you to verify that you are only providing access to that application. Some services are not named so will still produce the Approve or Deny prompt. An example of this is our RDP service which will not ask you to match a number.

Screenshot of Microsoft Authenticator App

Apple Watch Support for Microsoft Authenticator

In the upcoming Microsoft Authenticator release in January 2023 for iOS, there will be no companion app for watchOS due to it being incompatible with Authenticator security features. You won’t be able to install or use Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watch. We therefore recommend that you delete Microsoft Authenticator from your Apple Watch, and sign in with Microsoft Authenticator on another device.

If you have any queries, please contact IT Service Desk or visit the IT Services webpage.

Tuesday February 7th, 2023

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