Cymerwch ychydig o funudau i roi eich adborth i ni a gallwch ennill gwobr i hurio gŵn ar gyfer eich diwrnod Gradd a phecyn tynnu lluniau werth £150!Swansea University Graduation

Byddem yn gwerthfawrogi pe baech yn rhoi 5 munud o’ch amser i ddweud wrthym am eich profiad fel myfyriwr yn Abertawe ac fel diolch byddwn yn rhoi taleb £5 i chi wario ar y campws a rhoi eich enw ymlaen yn y raffl fawr!

Ewch i i gwblhau’r arolwg ac anfonwch eich prawf o gwblhad at i gystadlu yn y raffl fawr. Os ydych wedi cwblhau’r arolwg eisoes byddwch yn dal yn gymwys drwy anfon eich prawf o gwblhad atom.

Llun Mawrth 21st, 2016

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  • Michaela Kiernan says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years in Swansea university. However, I have felt the new Bay campus has been a let down and I have missed out not being on Singleton campus this year.

  • Natasha Rees says:

    Loved my time in Swansea University, however got transferred to Bay Campus in my final year has been the worst part of my experience, I like the facilities there but it is just too far away and travel is rubbish.

  • Aneesa Ali says:

    Sad to think the three years have gone so fast and graduation is only around the corner! Would not have picked any other University.
    The friendly and welcoming environment makes it easier to adjust to life as a University Student.

  • Anon says:

    Moving to Bay Campus has been an absolute nightmare. Really put a downer on my time at Swansea, and hard to look past it really.

    • Ahmed alkharusi says:

      The best years of my live was in Swansea University. i am one the lucky student who studying in both campus Singleton and Bay. During 4 year, i have learned many things and improving some skills in my characteristic such as hard working , patience and success. I would like to thank all people support me for example; my family, friends , Union staff and welsh people.

  • Zoya Mehandzhiyska says:

    Currently I am in my 5th year of studies in Swansea, doing my Masters and I can easily say that my university experience has been incredible! Despite the ups and downs of the student life,I feel lucky and privileged to have studied in such a vibrant and picturesque university and city. The time has flown so fast, but the happy memories of student life and strong friendships made will last for years to come! Swansea will always be in my heart and while thinking about it, I’ll always smile! 🙂

  • Emily Baker says:

    I have really enjoyed the last four years at Swansea University. Not only have I loved my course but I have had the opportunity to meet many people, not only from the course itself but also through living on campus in my first year and by attending various social events during my time here. Swansea is a great place to live and study, and I wouldn’t have chosen any other university.

    My only negative point is that I have always looked forward to the prospect of graduating in Brangwyn Hall and I am quite disappointed to be graduating on the Bay Campus this year.

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