A Most Violent Year (15) – Ffilm wedi’i gosod yn ystod gaeaf 1981, sef yn ystadegol un o’r blynyddoedd â’r lefel uchaf o droseddau yn hanes Dinas Efrog Newydd – mae A Most Violent Year yn ddrama o fri sy’n dilyn bywyd mewnfudwr a’i deulu wrth iddynt geisio manteisio ar y Freuddwyd Americanaidd.

Llun Mawrth 30th, 2015

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Mae’r adeg honno o’r flwyddyn wedi cyrraedd unwaith eto pan fydd nifer fawr yn cyflwyno aseiniadau! Ond, peidiwch â phoeni … mae SALT yma i helpu gydag arweiniad ar sut i gyflwyno’n llwyddiannus.
Cofiwch ddilyn y gweithdrefnau, cadwch nodyn o’ch Rhif Cyflwyno ac, yn bennaf oll, anadlwch!
Am ragor o wybodaeth http://salt.swan.ac.uk/keepcalm

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We are looking for gay/straight men, aged 18 or above to participate in the study. More specific, participants will be presented with a computerized program on a laptop, showing photographs of females and males wearing swimwear and will be asked to rate how sexual attractive, they think, they are. After that, they will be asked to complete some questionnaires. The whole procedure will take approximately 30 minutes. Upon competition, there will be an entry to a lottery for a £25.00 amazon voucher amazon voucher. If you are interested in being a participant, please contact: George Kefis Email: 804005@swansea.ac.uk

Llun Mawrth 23rd, 2015

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If the answer is Yes or No We would like to know, tell us what influences you to make choices about alcohol by following the link below and filling out the short questionnaire.

You may access the questionnaire by following this link http://psy.swansea.ac.uk/questionnaires/631213/

The aim of the research is to assess potential relationships between aspects of the student lifestyle and alcohol consumption rates within the student population.

All Swansea University students aged 18+ are welcome to take part.

The questionnaire takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Psychology Students may access the questionnaire through Subject pool follow this link or search “Student Life and Alcohol Consumption” and you will be granted 1 Credit. https://psychology-swansea.sona-systems.com/exp_info.aspx?experiment_id=1396

Thank you for your participation.

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Looking for a life-changing experience that is also an excellent investment in your future? Welcome to China! China is poised to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy, while trade and business links between China and the UK are growing fast. Developing a connection with China could be the smartest choice you can make right now.

What’s on offer?

The British Council in China is currently offering a range of exciting funded internships and academic scholarships to UK students and recent graduates. This means you have the chance complete a valuable two month work placement in your industry of choice in China, or to spend up to one academic year studying non-degree courses at universities across mainland China.

 Funded Internships

We provide support for two month internships in mainland China. Placements are available in a wide range of industries, across six booming cities, and are available all year round! For a summer internship, please apply at least two months before your desired start date.

Our funding covers accommodation and comprehensive travel insurance, airport pick-up, and dedicated support throughout the placement. Since February 2015, students in receipt of a full Maintenance Grant are also eligible for sponsored return flights.
What are my chances?

Applications are competitive, but this year we have more internships and scholarships available than ever before. There are also spots on the internship programme reserved especially for students at Welsh Universities!

How do I apply?

The application process is simple, with all instructions and forms available on our website, with additional information about academic scholarships also. For more details please e-mail gen.uk@britishcouncil.org.cn

Swansea University students are encouraged to visit the International Development Office’s website to find out more about the providers of China internships, for which the above funding is available. Please visit http://www.swansea.ac.uk/international/opportunities/summer-programmes/china-summer-programmes/ for more information. Deadlines are fast-approaching!

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