Over the Summer vacation period the team at Campus Catering have been busy making changes to the services they deliver across the Bay and Singleton Park Campuses.942-uni_stock_322

On Singleton Park, Callaghan’s has been given a new look and feel; and to go with it, there are some great new additions to the breakfast and lunchtime menus; including Celtic breads filled with sausage and bacon, sweet waffles, naansters (filled naan breads) and jacket potatoes with a hot filling of the day. Pop in to find out more!

Feedback from customers has been listened to and in response, the opening times of Blas in Fulton House have been extended. The outlet, which is located at the front of Fulton House next to Costcutter, is now open for all to enjoy from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Catering have also been working with Sustainability to ensure they offer a truly sustainable catering service. Disposable coffee cups are a hot topic at the moment with around 2.5 billion coffee cups being thrown away in the UK every year! To do their bit to help ease this growing problem Catering can announce that keep cups can now be used at the BVS vending hot drinks machines which are located in various locations across both campuses. Visit the website to find out more.

Over at the Bay Campus, Catering are working more closely with the Students’ Union in 52 Degrees. The relaxed café/bar which is located next to the Core has undergone a light refurbishment and is now offering bar games, as well as takeaway pizza and pies right up until 11pm!

Throughout the academic year the team will be looking at ways in which to gather feedback and comments about their services in order to continue to offer staff and students at Swansea University good, nutritious food at reasonable prices using the finest, freshest, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

If you have any queries or thoughts about Campus Catering in the meantime, please get in touch at eat@swansea.ac.uk, or take a look at the website, where you’ll find out more about all the great places to eat and drink across the Bay and Singleton Park campuses.

Thursday September 29th, 2016

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Participants are needed to take part in an eating behaviours study looking at how emotions can snac-logoaffect our taste perceptions. Participants will be required to attend two 30-45 minute sessions one week apart. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the study individuals will be unable to take part if they have any known food allergies or intolerance’s or a history of eating disorders.

You will be paid £12 cash or £15 in vouchers for your time. For more information please contact Aimee Pink, 747531@swansea.ac.uk

Wednesday September 28th, 2016

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To celebrate the Jewish month of holidays, Jewish students and members of staff, as well as others who are interested, are welcomed to join an event on Thursday October 6th 2pm – 3pm , in room 230, Kier Hardie building, for a toast and a traditional apple in honey.139911946

In order to estimate quantities of wine and food, please confirm your attendance by contacting Professor Adi Armoni.

If you have any accessibility or dietary requirements, please let Adi Armoni know in advance of attending.

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BAY CAMPUS899-uni_stock_111

The Great Hall – OPEN 1100-1700 (Monday to Saturday) / 1200-1600 (Sunday)

52 Degrees – OPEN 1000-2300 (Monday to Sunday). Hot food served everyday until 2100 with takeaway options available all day until 2300.

The Core – OPEN Monday to Friday 0730-1600 (Cegin) / 1100-1400 (Stryd) / 1100-1500 (Koop). CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

Coffeeopolis OPEN 0800-1700 (Monday to Friday) Serving Starbucks coffee, sandwiches, paninis & snacks. CLOSED Saturday & Sunday



Café Glas (ILS 1) – OPEN 0730-1700 (Monday to Friday) / CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

Callaghans – OPEN 0800-1600 (Monday to Friday) / CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

Blas (Ground Floor, Fulton House) – OPEN 0730-1900 (Monday to Friday) / 1100-1500 (Saturday & Sunday)

Taliesin Bar – OPEN 1000 – Till Late (Monday to Friday) / 1100-1500 (Saturday) / CLOSED Sunday

Fusion Cafe (1st Floor, Fulton House) – OPEN 1100-1430 (Monday to Friday) / CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

Hoffi Coffi (Library) – OPEN 0830-1800 (Monday to Friday) / Sunday 1200-1600 / CLOSED Saturday

Blas (Wales National Pool) – OPEN 0800-1800 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) / 0800-2000 (Tuesday & Thursday) / 0900-1600 (Saturday & Sunday)

Bar JC’s – OPEN 1200-1830 (Monday to Friday) / CLOSED (Saturday & Sunday)

Tuesday September 27th, 2016

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Over the years, our learners have told us of many reasons why they chose to learn Welsh, these include, gaining a new skill in order to further career prospects,  gaining access to the rich Welsh-language culture, history and literature or to just to make new friends and enjoy  themselves. On a social level, speaking and understanding Welsh provides a gateway for you to experience more aspects of Welsh life and culture. Indeed, there is a notion that you gain a new personality with every new language that you learn, or that you gain another window or outlook on life!  In addition, the ability to communicate in more than one language offers other – perhaps less obvious – social, psychological and lifestyle benefits. For example, you can easily, widen your social circle, gain further self-confidence, impress people and gain admiration from others, boost your creativity, and enhance your cognitive skills and other health benefits.

Come along to the Welsh taster class to find out more!dsc_2584

4pm Wednesday (28th September) , Room 59B, Talbot Building, Singleton Campus (entrance behind the library. 8.3 on the campus map)

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the taster session, you can email learnwelsh@swansea.ac.uk to register your interest and find out when student classes begin. Alternatively we have an Online Beginners course which will get you started immediately!

Find us on Facebook and Twitter : Learn Welsh – Swansea Bay Region, or click here: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/undergraduate/academihywelteifi/learnwelsh/

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