Please be aware that our Muslim students and colleagues will start Ramadan observance on 27th May and this will continue for 29-30 days until late June.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar. This is not a fixed month in relation to the western calendar, and begins with the sighting of the moon. In this month, observant adult Muslims will give up food and drink, smoking, and other physical needs during the hours of daylight. Ramadan is also time for Muslims to purify their souls, refocus attention on religion and practice self-restraint. Fasting will last 29 or 30 days depending upon the sighting of the moon.

Fasting means that lack of dietary nourishment coupled with disturbances in normal sleep patterns may result in fasting individuals feeling more tired than usual. Some staff may also feel a little light headed towards the latter part of the day.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere can particularly challenging as there can be up to 18 hours of fasting per day.

Things we can do to support our fasting students and colleagues include:

  • Making reasonable adjustments to the working day, for example, starting work earlier, or leaving earlier, or vice versa, approval of a shorter lunch break
  • Using annual leave or flexible working options to adjust work patterns during the Ramadan
  • Allowing time to offer prayers during the day. This may be two –three times a day for five minutes or so, and can be accommodated for either at the University mosque, or in an appropriate office/ small private area.
  • Try to avoid holding business or social events where food will be served during the month of Ramadan. Fasting Muslims are allowed to attend events where food is being served, however letting the member of staff know in advance would be appreciated.

As Chair of the Mosque Management Committee I would also like to extend an invite, on behalf of our Muslim brothers and sisters, to all of our University Community to join us for Iftar from 21:15 to break fast over the month. It would be wonderful to welcome you.

The Federation of Islamic Societies have kindly shared with us a guide for Universities on Muslim Students and how to best support them during the Ramadan period.

This document contains best practice and guidance. Please do have a browse by clicking here.

Many thanks for your Understanding and Support

Kevin Child

Chair of Swansea University Mosque Management Committee

Director of Student Services

Saturday May 27th, 2017

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We are pleased to invite you to Swansea Electrochemistry Workshop 2017.

Swansea Electrochemistry Workshop, 14th June 2017, ESRI Seminar Room 101, Bay Campus.

Even if a proper electrochemistry department is missing in Swansea University, we believe that there are lot of researchers working on electrochemistry related projects. We feel that there is a wide spread of knowledge, and this is why we would like to bring together all the expertise and create a network of electrochemistry experts (or beginners!) within Swansea Uni.

We want to give this a chance to happen in a relaxed atmosphere in which we can all discuss our real life electrochemistry, including our daily and most common issues. A good opportunity for networking and start new collaborations.

This one-day workshop will be divided in three main parts:

  • Workshops: focused on electrochemical characterization techniques, three presentations on Cyclic Voltammetry, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique will give all of us the chance to debate on do and don’ts, good lab practice and common issues.
  • Poster presentation: one minute is given to all participants to introduce their work and electrochemical focus. A quick overview on our present (or past) work allow us to ask further question to the right people during the poster session.
  • Practical demonstrations: hands on the actual instruments to explore the resolution and potential of the equipment already available within Swansea Uni, and working insights into the research currently being undertaken.

The target for this workshop are PhD students and early career researchers, but is open to anyone interested, including masters students and third year projects students. Please spread the voice! We only ask that you bring along a poster (Small or Large) to demonstrate the type of research that you are doing (please send us an electronic version of the poster for the poster presentation before 13/06/17).

Please sign up here:
Robert Phillips and Francesco Mazzali
Robert (
Francesco (

Friday May 26th, 2017

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Estates & Facilities Management have recently conducted a survey of all students and staff about the catering provision across our campuses and would like to conduct a focus group to explore the responses in more detail.

We are looking for 12 – 15 students located at the Bay Campus to participate in a focus group on Tuesday 6 June between 2pm and 4pm. The session will take place in Room 239 of the School of Management Building (3rd Floor) and all participants will receive £15 worth of catering vouchers.

This is your opportunity to have a substantial input into the development of retail catering services on campus.

To register your interest, please contact

Wednesday May 24th, 2017

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Every year 10 million people around the world die needlessly because of high blood pressure, making it the planet’s single biggest killer. They will suffer a stroke, have a heart attack, or die from another cardiovascular complication linked to hypertension — the medical term for high blood pressure.

It’s time to put the spotlight on raising awareness around blood pressure, and May Measurement Month is doing exactly that!

During May 2017, millions of people will have their blood pressure measured in one of the biggest public screening exercises the world’s ever seen. Staff and students at the Health and Wellbeing Academy are taking part in the initiative and aim to take more than 200 blood pressure measurements on May 30th – So come and have your blood pressure taken and help raise awareness of this important cause.

Health and Wellbeing Academy, Glyndwr Building, Singleton Park, 9am – 5pm – no need to book just pop in.

More information

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In the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack the UK Government has raised the National Threat Level to Critical.  This is the highest threat level and means that there is specific intelligence to indicate an attack on the UK is expected imminently.

This measure is not taken lightly and has not been used since 2007.  Staff and Students at Swansea University are requested to  be especially vigilant and report any suspicious activity to our Security Team on the 24 hr emergency number 333. It is also highly recommended staff and students read the security advice on the University Internet and view the Stay Safe Video “Run, Hide, Tell”.

Expect our Security Teams to be more overt in their presence. Please respond immediately to any direction given, React promptly to SafeZone Messages and relay details to colleagues, be prepared to be challenged and identify yourselves.

If in doubt follow your instincts and report it

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