Psychology research on personality and risk-taking behaviour

We will require 1 hour of your time to fill out personality questionnaires and take part in three card games where you will play to earn poker chips. Participants who earn the most poker chips will win one of 5 available prizes. Prizes include themed gift baskets with a value of up to £50.

Participants: Male (18-65)

Time required: 1 hour

Location: Anywhere convenient for the participant

Credits offered: 4 credits or study swaps available. Refreshments will also be provided.

If you are interested in participating please contact one of the researchers for more information:

Laura Guest –

Stephanie Richards –

Kezia Thomas –

Monday July 31st, 2017

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A personalised version is now available on the INTRANET that you access through your Student Profile Record. Please check your timetable thoroughly to ensure that all the examinations you are due to sit have been scheduled.

Candidates registered with the Disability Office/Wellbeing and requiring specific provision during the assessment period should contact the Examinations Office on (51)3779 or by e-mail on to discuss examination arrangements.

Students wishing to book accommodation should follow the link:

Accommodation will be on a Room Only basis at Hendrefoelan Student Village.  Students will have access to a kitchen with a kettle and microwave.  Bedding is provided but towels are not – no other equipment is provided. The cost will be £17.88 + vat, per room, per night.

You should also read the following instructions carefully since they contain important information for candidates sitting examinations during the forthcoming examination period.


  • Candidates sitting written examinations in the University are reminded that they are required to have available on their desks in the examination room proof of identity, such proof being a valid ID and Library card issued to each student at enrolment.
  • Candidates unable to produce their Student ID or Library card when requested by the Invigilator in the examination room may not have their mark processed.
  • Candidates must not have in their possession in the examination room, nor make use of, any book, manuscript, electronic calculator or any other aid that is not specifically allowed in the rubric of the examination paper. If calculators are permitted they must not contain any user-recorded data or program and must be incapable of electronic communication.
  • Candidates are only allowed to take permitted aids for their examination in to the examination venue. These aids (e.g. pencils, biros) must be carried in a clear and transparent pencil case or “poly pocket” which will be examined on entry to the examination venue.
  • Candidates are not allowed to communicate in any way with one another once they have entered the examination venue.
  • If, in the opinion of an invigilator, a candidate is causing a disturbance or has been observed acting in breach of a regulation, e.g. talking to or communicating with another in an examination, he/she shall be warned. If the candidate continues to be disruptive or continues to act in breach of the regulations he/she shall be required to leave the venue. The candidate will not be readmitted for that examination and the incident will be reported to the Superintendent of Examinations.
  • No mobile phones, pagers or any other unauthorised electronic device are allowed in the examination rooms or any other accessible room, i.e. public toilets. Unauthorised possession of a mobile phone or a prohibited electronic device will be reported to the Director of Academic Integrity
  • No candidate is allowed to enter the room after the examination has been in progress for thirty minutes and no candidate may leave the room until the examination has been in progress for forty-five minutes.
  • No candidate is to leave the examination room in the final half-hour of an examination since movement during this period may cause disturbance to other candidates still in the examination room.
  • No food may be consumed in the examination venues.
  • Any student wearing a head covering (i.e. crash helmet, baseball cap, woolly hat, hijab, etc) will either be asked to remove it, or, in the case of hijabs etc, will be asked to show that they are not concealing any ear pieces/listening devices etc. in their ears.
  • Candidates are not permitted to use their own calculators unless it is clearly indicated on the rubric of the individual paper that they may do so. The University will, however, provide a standard calculator (Casio FX-85) for use at each venue.
  • English /foreign language dictionaries will not be allowed into examination venues unless it is clearly indicated on the rubric that they may be used. Invigilators will have a supply of English only and English/Welsh Dictionaries at each venue which candidates will be able to refer to, provided the rubric allows this.
  • At the end of the examination, students must remain seated in silence until all examination scripts have been collected and the Chief Invigilator announces that they may depart from the examination venue.

Extenuating circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are defined as “serious and acute problems or events which are beyond a student’s control or ability to foresee which may have affected a student’s performance and/or may have impeded a student’s ability to attend, complete, or submit an assessment on time”.

Students who are affected by extenuating circumstances before an examination to such an extent that their performance is likely to be significantly affected might wish to consider postponing the sitting of the examination until a future date.  In this case, students should submit a request for deferral of that examination to their College.

A claim for a deferral on the basis of extenuating circumstances relating to an absence from an examination or an illness during an examination must be submitted to the Home College either in advance of the examination date; or, within 5 WORKING DAYS of the examination taking place.  Any such claim must be in writing using the prescribed form and accompanied by supporting documentary evidence.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and submit supporting evidence.

A student who is taken ill during an examination MUST inform the Chief Invigilator either during, or immediately after the examination and BEFORE leaving the examination venue.  Any claim of extenuating circumstances based on an illness during the examination must also be submitted to the Home College within 5 WORKING DAYS of the affected examination taking place.

For further information please access the relevant page on the University website at:

Examinations Office
August 2017

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Join us this summer further develop your hockey skills with our junior or senior hockey camps.

Camp times – 10.00am – 3.00pm (both)
Camp price – £39 for Swansea University staff/students, £42 for non-staff/students (both)

Junior Hockey Camp

AGE: 7-14 years old

Aimed at: Beginners or players looking to develop and improve their hockey skills.

Spend three days improving and developing your hockey skills. Learn new skills and make new friends in sessions taken by experienced Hockey Wales coaches. Suitable for all abilities, delivered in a fun, safe and enthusiastic environment.

Dates – August 15th, 16th, 17th

Senior Hockey Camp

AGE: 13-18 years old

Aimed at: Experienced hockey players

The senior hockey camp is an excellent opportunity for players who are competent in core skills and show potential to develop further. This camp is the next level up from our junior hockey camp and is aimed at players aged 13-18 years old who want to develop their skills and are looking to compete at the next level. Players who apply for this camp must be able to perform a wide range of hockey skills in a competitive environment. Players applying to this camp should have represented their school or club in a number of competitive matches and also train regularly in a school/club environment. Players must also have a basic level of fitness and strength to cope with the senior hockey camp delivery.

Dates – August 22nd, 23rd, 24th

To sign-up for either summer hockey camp click here

For further information please contact Athletics & Hockey Centre staff on (01792) 602400, or email

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Essential maintenance work is required to the plant room on Union House roof. This will require the dropping of the ceiling on the fourth floor landing, outside the lift. The work will take place on 27th & 28th July.


  • During 27th July (Thursday) and before 9.00am on 28th July (Friday), the Union House lift will terminate at the third floor and access to the fourth floor will be via the stairwell only.
  • On 28th July (Friday), after 9.00am, the Union House lift will be out of use for a short period until the completion of the works.

Many thanks,

Estates & Facilities Management

Wednesday July 26th, 2017

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This summer we will be undergoing exciting new changes in the Costcutter store. To provide an even better service, from the 4th of August we will be closed to undergo a complete refurbishment.

During this period you will still be able to get essential items from our pop-up store which will be situated in Fulton Outfitters, opposite Costcutter.

We would like to apologise for this period of reduced level of stock and assure you that your store will reopen in September with a brand new look and an increased level of services.

Monday July 24th, 2017

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